Showing Your Home

The most crucial thing that you want the buyers to feel as soon as they pull up to your home is that you want them to feel welcomed and at home.

Before anyone shows up, you want the house to be cleaned and no clutter around. Have the yard well maintained and a fresh smell inside the house. Makes sure you have good lighting. All these and many more tips to help present your home can be obtained from your agent at Home-Pedia.

If the weather is nice, then you can open your windows to let in natural sun-light and fresh air. (If there is not a pleasant view, or noise level then I would leave the window shut and blinds slightly drawn)

It’s a good idea to turn all the lights in the house on to make it warm and bright. Depending on the weather, it would be a good idea to keep either the A/C or heater on.

If there is a fireplace in the home, light the fireplace on. It would be a good idea to keep some cookies and drinks out for your buyers because that will get them to stay and look further into the house. Have a good smell in the house, whether it be Lavender or any other aromatherapy smell that gets the buyer comfortable. We would also recommend leaving some soft music on in the background.

Make sure you leave parking space for your perspective buyers to park their cars when they arrive and remember to let the real estate agent lead the tour for your buyers because buyers tend to feel more comfortable with the agent rather than the seller.