About Home-Pedia

Home-Pedia Realty is a privately held company based in California, and is led by its founder Sebastian Nasher. Home-Pedia Realty was designed to help you buy or sell your property with the utmost care in mind.

The founder, Mr. Nasher was only eleven years old when he became passionate about real estate; and it was at that age that he decided that he would make real estate his career and passion. At the age of eleven his first job was cleaning shoes. He would continue working at little mom and pop shops until the age of sixteen, when he opened his first business. His first business would prove to be very successful.

At the age of twenty-one Mr. Nasher became an in-fill developer. He developed homes in Orange County, Artesia, and Oceanside. He also developed commercial properties in Texas. Sebastian Nasher is a very well rounded, intelligent man who has a great degree of knowledge in all the aspects of real estate. Since 2001, he has developed numerous homes, sold and bought properties, and also self managed all the properties. With all the success that Mr. Nasher has had in his portfolio of residential and commercial property sales and management, he decided to expand his real estate services to the public and private investors for all their real estate needs.

During Mr. Nasher’s years of developing, he came across quite a few bad agents. Some that were lazy, others that were not attentive enough to his needs, and others who just didn’t care. From that experience, Mr. Nasher has vowed that he will have nothing but the best agents working for him to meet your needs. So rest assured that your needs will be handled with the utmost care and attentiveness. You never have to worry about getting an un-thoughtful, uncaring, or lazy agent with Home-Pedia. We make sure of that.

With Home-Pedia there is a personal touch of honesty and hard work that has been added to the company which will not let you down.

As you work with us, you will discover this uniqueness of dedication that Home-Pedia has towards you that no other company can offer you.