Marketing Your Home

Marketing your home is the very essence of a successful sale. Promoting your home involves several outreach efforts from face to face meetings to everything on the web.

An agent from Home-Pedia will do all the marketing for you.

There are several ways of marketing your home. A marketing plan will be customized specific to your home for the most optimal results.

One of the first things that Home-Pedia will do is create a virtual tour of your home and post it on the web for buyers to look at from the conveyance of their home.

Your property will be advertised on the Multiple Listing Service, it will be published inside the SCV magazine, and various other website such as youtube,,, zillow, and many more sites in order to promote your home.

A Craigslist ad for your property will be added and re-posted on a weekly basis. There are hundreds of thousands of people who search to buy a home from Craigslist. Adding your home here will give extra exposure to your home.

An OPEN HOUSE will be held so prospective buyers can come view the home during that day at their conveyance.

For a more detailed market plan of your home please contact an agent at Home-Pedia, and they will send you a specific market plan designed specifically for your home.