Setting The Price

An important part of selling your home is setting the list price, which will not only sell your home quickly but also at it's highest possible price. Keep in mind that if you price your home too low, you might miss out on potential profit, and if you price your home too high then you risk losing qualified buyers.

To determine the best asking price, your agent at Home-Pedia will help you review the prices of recently sold, comparable homes in the area, evaluate the competition homes in the area and help you understand the marketplace trends. Our sales professionals at Home-Pedia are ready to help you and provide you with the big picture to help you determine the right asking price.

In order to make your home more attractive to potential buyers, it is a good idea to discuss with your agent other terms and conditions, such as offering to pay points or complete a major repair or offer a home warranty plan that offers protection if an appliance or other covered item fails after closing. A home warranty is relatively inexpensive and is a good way to add value to the property.

A few key things to keep in mind when you are selling are to know if your home is located in a desirable area because if it is, then you will be able to get a higher price than you can for the same house in a less desirable area. You will also get a higher price if your home has up to date upgrades or if you have a pool.

If your house has amenities that are currently popular in the market place, this will make your house sell for a higher price. Your agent at Home-Pedia will be able to help you identify those top trends.

Remember that a house that has been well maintained and looks better will always sell for more than one that has been neglected maintenance and needs work.

Know that buyers expect everything to work; therefore, it is important and worth the time and expenses to make the basic repairs. You don’t want the deal to fall apart over a few minor repairs.