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Home Inspection

hiBuying a home can not only be very exciting but also very stressful at times. Once you have found your home and everything else is in line, then a very important thing that must be done is a home inspection. The last thing a home buyer needs to worry about is an unforeseen problem with his or her investment, that is why taking the time and investing in a professional home inspection is so crucial.


Unlike a home appraisal, a home inspection provides a detailed analysis of the condition of the home. Such an inspection when done by a professional will provide an analysis of the homes major mechanical systems such as furnace, air conditioning systems, plumbing, electrical components, foundation, and overall analysis of the roof.

A home inspection will alert the buyer to any safety concerns or potential threats with the property such as the potential for mold, and/or lead-based concerns. A qualified home inspector will be able to suggest actions for remediation in such instances.

A home inspection is common in the real estate industry today. As a buyer you must request a home inspection contingency on your purchase contract because this is not an automatic clause. When purchasing a home it is a wise decision to invest a few hundred extra dollars in a home inspection. The average price for a home inspection is around $300.00, and this will be a great investment in giving you peace of mind when investing your life savings in a home.

A home inspection is not just for buyers, it is also something that sellers should consider before putting their house on the market. It is good for sellers to know exactly what repairs may be needed when a great offer comes thru. If the seller is taken by surprise with their own property then they have a chance of losing that great offer and will end up wasting time and money.

Having your home inspected prior to listing can be a great sales tool. You can say with confidence that your home has been pre-inspected and is in top shape, and that can be a great negotiations tool and it will attract more buyers to your property. So a home inspection is a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers.